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EES has a complete portfolio of Power Solutions, catering the need of today’s market. We have products & solutions that are helpful for customers segments of Enterprise, Cellular, Government sectors etc. EES represents world biggest brands like General Electric USA, Eltek etc.

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DC integrated Solutions:

EES represents Ausonia and Polar Power which are manufacturer of Hybrid DC Generators which has built Inverter, Batteries and Optional Charge controller for provisional of Solar and wind requirements. We have solutions ranges from 4.5KW, 5KW, 8KW, 12KW & 16KW which include Hybrid/ Fully Integrated Solution, Twin High Efficiency Modular Solution, Power Generation Units, High Efficiency Revolution Solution & Emergency Service Units.
These products provide below features:

  • TCO optimization
  • Battery Cycling approach
  • Constant mechanical efficiency
  • Preserving battery life.
  • Bigger fuel savings
  • Central Alarm Monitoring
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

EES represents different international suppliers like Eltek and Kehua which provides us to supply a vast range of UPS. Our product portfolio ranges from:

  • UPS for Computers and Peripherals
  • Network and Server
  • Data Center and Facility 3 Phase
  • UPS Management
Rectifier-Telecom, Enterprise, Industrial

With complete portfolio of General Electric USA and Eltek-A Delta Group company EES has an edge over many other companies in Pakistan. The DC Power Solutions ranges for different categories as below with DC voltage differentiations DC Voltage of 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V, 110V, 125V, 220V&380V

  • Large Power Plant Solutions for large central offices and mobile switching offices application.
  • Medium Power Plant Solutions.
  • Small Power Plant Solutions.
  • Retrofit Power Solutions
  • Inverters
  • Critical Power Products which includes ATS, Distribution, Embedded Power, STS, SPDs & Switchgear Paralleling.
SOLAR Power Systems

EES represents GE, Eltek, Influx Green, ReneSola, Yingli Solar & Jinko Solar for Solar solutions. EES is involved in offering end-to-end solar solutions for Telecom, Public Sector, Enterprise market and Banks for uninterrupted Solar supply. Our solutions include:

  • Solar ATM Solutions for Banks
  • Solar IT Room/Data Center Solutions
  • Solar Remote Area Branches
  • Solar DRP Site Solutions for Corporate sector
  • Solar Commercial/Industrial Solution
  • Solar irrigation tube well solution
  • Solar LED Street Light Solution
  • Solution ranges: Portable System, Grid-Intertied with/ without Battery Backup & Off-Grid Solar System
Datacenter Solution & Products

EES offer Datacenters solution for best-in-class speed, availability and operating efficiency. It is not a typical construction project due to risks involved. EES GE, Eltek solutions are the answer to markets needs, providing a containerized power infrastructure system designed to have the lowest total cost of ownership, the highest energy efficiency, the lowest total optimized footprint and available in just months.

  • Innovative modular design, high-density & energy-efficient turnkey data center.
  • Pre-tested, and can be shipped and ready to use in as little as four months.
  • Maximum integration and coordination of equipment in the containers.
  • Faster ROI through comprehensive life cycle services that include planning, design, in-factory testing, onsite support and simplified service support management.
  • Standard-sizing and easy customization that can address their aging infrastructure, limited space and shrinking budgets.
  • Ideally suited for Existing setup expansion, new capacity, Disaster recovery & Temporary capacity during renovations and upgrades.
  • Applications such as Distributed, Centralized and Front End/ In-Rack Power solutions.
Batteries Solution

EES has a highly reliable brand representation i.e. Saft Batteries: Saft battery solutions meet the demands and expectations of a wide variety of telecom sectorsand applications. No matter whether the need is for wireless or Wireline installations, indooror outside, on-grid or standalone, Saft has the efficient, advanced and specialized response.Saft’s batteries operate as well in very hot or in extremely cold climates, in an urban settingor in remote hard-to-access locations. EES can also deliver battery solutions from FIAMM Italy, Enersys France, Narada and Vision china.

  • High energy, high power, excellent cycling
  • Smart and easy
  • Maintenance-free for on-grid applications
  • Tough with a long life
  • Physically robust
  • Delivers exceptional reliability against unexpected outages.
  • Suited for applications including remote cabinets and central offices as well as BTS and BSC.
  • Suited for remote and/or decentralized locations where access is difficult.
  • Applications: 48V, Good/ Bad A/C grid, No A/C grid (hybrid power), 2h and higher autonomy, Uncontrolled/ controlled environments, Micro BTS).