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EES is capable of providing complete turnkey services to its customers. Our core focus is on infrastructure solutions for telecom and non-telecom organization, providing innovative energy and operational solutions. We are focused into:

Civil Construction Services

EES focuses on the New Sites Construction for Telco, Enterprise and Public Sector market. This portfolio comprises of the following:

Site Development

  • Site Identification
  • Site Evalution
  • Network Planning
  • Site Design
  • RF Design Interaction
  • Lease Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Agreements & Permission
  • Site Configuration Data
  • Commercial Power Connections

Civil Works

  • Pre-construction Surveys
  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials Planning
  • Construction & Civil Works
  • Inhouse Construction & Subcontractor Management
  • Time, Resource & Cost Management
  • Procurement & Lihistics Management
  • Quality Management


  • Site Preparation & Engineenring
  • Equipment Mounting & Installation
  • Site Configuration Data Management
  • Commisioning
  • Network Integration
  • Site Acceptance Testing & Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Documentation
HR Management Services

EES has been working in the HR Business Process Outsource (BPO) model since 2012.Working for a number of multinational companies in Pakistan, EES Pakistan handles the:

  • Payroll Management
  • Administration of the workforce on behalf of the organizations.

Power SWAP

Power equipment installed are deployed/dismantled, replaced and upgraded at rural/urban and far flung areas. The services are inclusive of:

  • Rectifier Cabinet installation & commissioning including swap of power system
  • Rectifier Battery Installation & dismantling of old battery banks
  • SWAP of Gensets at major Hub sites, business centers, commercial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals etc.
  • Installations ofLine Conditioners & power management equipment.
  • Deployment of large power systems for industries, hospitals etc.
  • Deployment of Solar Hybrid solutions.

Technical Installations

Extensive training programs and a decade of experience with different technologies make EES a natural choice when it comes to quality delivery of services. This includes:

  • RBS
  • Transmission network
  • Equipment swapping which includes (Microwave links) which are being deployed according to the LOS and replaced, maintained & upgraded according to customer’s requirement.
  • Installation of Radio Base Stations
  • Core Equipment deployments
  • Expansion Services related to 2G, 3G Expansion and 4G/LTE.
  • COW Sites Movement & Installation nationwide with necessary dismantling and installation of equipment.
  • Miscellaneous Services like Solutions for OPEX reduction, Test & Measurement equipment, Wireless, IT infrastructure, Radio/Optical/Copper coverage and CCTV Surveillance solutions, Link Planning, Link Budgeting, LAN deployments, Datacenter monitoring and deployment services.

Operations & Maintenance (Managed Services)

EES has been involved in Pakistan's Managed Services business since its inception and we have work for numerous operators and vendors in both Preventive and Corrective Maintenance on both Telco and Non-Telco scope of work. This includes:

Preventive Maintenance

  • Upgrade
  • Inspection
  • Remove Tests
  • Site Management
  • Maintenance of Date Registers
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Testing & Repair with Visit on Site

Corrective Maintenance

  • Field Maintenance
  • First Line Maintenance
    . Fault Identification
    . Fault Analysis
    . Repair
    . Verification
  • Second Line Maintenance
    . Specialist Remote Support/ Repair
    . Specialist on Site

Subcontractor Maintenance

  • Power
  • Fueling
  • Installation
DG Overhauling
  • Dedicated Mechanical Assembling Teams for overhauling at Workshop.
  • Separate Teams for dismantling and installation of Engines at sites.
  • DG Overhauling Facilities:
  • EES have capability to facilitate our customers in the whole overhauling cycle from dismantling to re-installation and load testing. The cycle is as under:
  • Dismantling of Engine from site.
  • Further dismantle the engine at workshop for machining.
  • A thorough view and scrutiny after machining and before assembling.
  • Assembling of new parts as per scope of work or requirement.
  • Checking of Engine off load 01-Hour and then on load for approximate 30-Mins.
  • Re-installation of engine at site.
  • At least 01-Hour running at site on load to avoid any further complication.
Optical Network Services

Optical network services under the name of Unicom (Pvt) Ltd; That is a subsidiary of Extreme Engineering solution for which the scope includes.

  • Survey Planning and design: This focuses on multi-dimensional activities like selection of feasible routes, detailed surveys showing alignment and topographic features, logistic plans, production of drawings and implementation schedule.
  • Cable laying works, trenching, digging, cable hauling, cable protection, backfilling, compactions, reinstatements, splicing, jointing.
  • Installations, testing and commissioning of optical fiber cables.
  • Maintenance of OFC on long haul and metros across Pakistan.
  • Engineering and consultancy services for OFC & FTTH network planning, surveys, system designing, automatic systemized generations of BOQs, logistics, inventory management and contingent for each maintenance center.

HVAC-MEP Services

Our services include complete MEP and Engineering, Procurement, Construction management (EPCM) services. We offer:

  • Complete support in terms of drawings generation, layouts
  • Approval of materials,outsourcing,mechanical (HVACR),plumbing, firefighting workand electrical (Vertical Transportation, Lt/HT distribution,grounding etc).
  • Services co-gen.
  • Recommendations/Standards.
  • Proper sizing of equipment.
  • Installation Support.
  • Submission of monthly report to end user.

Support Services
  • Logistic support to transport equipment from Warehouse to site and vice versa.
  • Site Audits.
  • Power Audits.
  • RF Planning.
  • RF Drive testing.
  • Facilities audits.
  • Warehousing.