EES is all about technology; EES passion is to deliver quality technology that is the heart of sustainability.

Warner Telecom

SHANGHAI WARNER TELECOM is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of telecommunications equipment, network solution and energy saving system. EES through Warner is providing optical network communication equipment, optical fiber cable distribution products, telecom shelters and outdoor telecommunication cabinets with its related power system, control system, cooling system, battery system etc.

Applications: FTTB Fiber To The Business/Building, FTTC Fiber To The Curb, FTTE Fiber To The Most Economical Point, FTTN Fiber To The Node, FTTO Fiber To The Outlet, FTTL Fiber To The Loop

Products: FTTX, Optical, Cable System, MDF & ODF, Wiring System, Wireless System Energy Saving

Shenzhen IH Optic

Shenzhen IH Optic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fiber communication devices and auxiliary products, system integration and network wiring. The marketing team which is brave in deploitation keeps close contact with customers, meets with various requirements of the customers and provides the most satisfied after-sale services. The products IHong offers are:

Products: Fiber Optics Jumper Pigtails, Optical Fiber Cables, Fiber Optics Link Connectors, Fiber Optics Adapter, Fiber Optics Attenuators, Fiber Optics Bypass, Fiber Optics Termination kits, Fiber Optics Closure, Fiber Optics Configuration Box, Fiber Optics Split Fiber Box, ODF Conductor arrangement Rack Cabinet, Fiber Optics Transceivers, Optical Transmitter and Receivers, Fiber Optics Constructions Tools


OPTELINK Technology is based on developing Telecommunications access equipment and Video Surveillance equipment that are applicable world-wide to fiber transmission, access network, IP network communication and broadband markets. They have solutions for carriers, ISPs and enterprises.

Products: Industrial Switches, SNMP 100M Switch, SNMP 1000M Switch, 4U Chassis, Industrial Converter, 1/4 Ports 100M/1000M, 4U Chassis, Ethernet over Fiber, General Series, Physical Isolated Series, 1+1 Optical Ports Backup, Console-VLAN Series, Ethernet over E1, 1/4/8/16E1, 24E1, STM-1 Convergence Converter, SNMP 1/4/8/16E1 Converter, PDH Optical Mux and much more.