Apart from the above mentioned wide product portfolio and solutions, EES Pak feels proud to provide MAN diesel Generators, OPRA turbines and Geo Thermal solutions is collaboration with PGES and UNISERVE GULF.

MAN Diesel & Turbo Generatorso

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, based in Augsburg, Germany, is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbo machinery for marine and stationary applications. It designs two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are manufactured both by the company and by its licensees.

  • Power output ranging from 450 kW to 87 MW.
  • Gas turbines of up to 50 MW.
  • Steam turbines of up to 150 MW
  • Compressors with volume flow of up to 1.5 million m³/h and pressures of up to 1,000 bars.
  • Customized solutions ranging from 300KW to 640KW
  • Providing motors, generators and services expertise to save energy and improve customer’s processes.
  • Industrial series generators 3-phase, 4-pole, 1500/1800 rpm IEC Frame size 18-500, 15-3750 kVA.
  • Small Bore Gensets include: Gas/ Dual Fuel/ Liquid Fuel/ High Speed Engines

EES Pak represents OPRA Turbine Power energy solutions from Germany which is compact, efficient and reliable.

  • Power ranges from 1.5 – 10MW with world class efficiency, low emission combustion and multi-fuel capability with unique power range.
  • These turbines are used in Oil & Gas, Marine, Industrial and Commercial purposes.
GEO Thermal Exploration Service

EES Pak in collaboration with Petroleum & Geothermal Exploration Service (PGES) Italy provides solution for Passive Seismic Spectroscopy from field to results while entertaining Survey Team, Sensor placement and later Data processing.

  • Well Data/Passive Seismic Spectroscopy techniques are used and applied to undeveloped Oil Fields resulting in extremely encouraging findings.
  • Passive Seismic /Micro Seismic events help to predict Geothermal and Hydrocarbon Reservoir Behavior, Tomography, Monitor Ground Displacement activities.
  • Infrasonic Passive Seismic Spectrography can be applied in pre-seismic or post-seismic survey and as a stand-alone hydrocarbon exploration and monitoring tool.
High Pressure Solutions:

EES Pak in collaboration with UNISERVE GULF is able to provide high pressure solutions specifically for the Oil and Gas sector with specialized equipment in pressurization and transfer of liquids and gases. The Hydro Test systems are used for following purposes as well Chemical Injection Skids, Electric Chemical Injection, Well Head Control Panels, Pressure Test Bays, Diaphragm compressor, High Pressure Valves & Tubing's etc

Products & Applications: Hydro Test Systems, Gas Booster Systems, Gas Transfer Systems, Chemical Injection System, Well Head Control Panels, ESD system and Components, Pressure Test Bays, Hydraulic Power Pacs, High Pressure Tubing, Valves and fittings, H2S Valves & Fittings, Pressure & Flow Instrumentations, Hose Test Rigs, Gas Cylinder Test Rigs, Relief Valves Test Benches, Air Amplifier Systems, Site Installation , Commissioning & Training, Inspection & Certification, Rental & Repair of Systems, Core product line comprises of Liquid pump, Air amplifier, Gas Booster, Metering pump, Valves, tubing and Fittings, Hydrotest Systems are used to pressurize & check the integrity of Hoses, pipelines, pressure vessels etc for any leaks, Single Pump System Pressure Up to 60,000 PSI